Violent play

white_ribbonYesterday we played in the shopping street in Brussels.
In the act, we started a fight between a married couple, ending in fysical violence with the man hitting the woman. Alternating with a scene between the man and his daughter.
It was part of an action for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against women. More specific a White Ribbon campaign.

It was very impressive and emotional to play for different reasons:
* hearing the stories of ex-victims volunteering in the organisations that were represented
* the sensitivity we (together with the promoteam) needed to have for people wanting to intervene, so that they would not hurt Marc
* through the playing being aware of the people that – before it was clear that it was theatre –  looked away, and imagining how that must be for real
* the Turkish man erupting into an angry speech about the words of his president the day before

And next to that, I must say it was fun, to have a chance to use some STAGE fight 🙂
Thanks to the organizers of the city to have us involved and to our collegues from La Compagnie Maritime for the french scenes.
(Vive la Belgique! We could alternate so it was less exhausting playing violent scenes for two and a half hours :-))

Click on the picture to see the video.



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