Creatief denken? Drop the box!

Reviewing a translation to english of an article I wrote in dutch, I encountered the saying “Think out of the box”. Which was un understandable though not the literal translation of my words. That would have been impossible since I am allergic to tell people they have to think out of the box. When I see people try to think out of the box I mostly see a flatline in their eyes or I hear them put up crazy ideas they already know they will reject themself when they turn back to “reality”.
In that whole concept, people tend to forget to look what is IN the box.
So, check what is already there.
Watch for options, turn your attention away from restrictions.
Look in the “circle of expectation” as Keith Johnstone says to improvisors.
Trust that magic will happen by itself if you’re connected to every part of reality. Connection will free you from judgemental thoughts and then your imagination will be happy to travel with you.
So I’d say:


Tip: een fijne Nederlandstalige blog over in-the-box denken: van Gert Poppe.